Indian music is one of the oldest musical societies in the world. The Indian music has a proud history and rich cultural base. Music has always been an intrinsic part of Indian population. It is believed that, Indian music exists since the time of Vedas (Ancient Hindu scripture). There are many legends about the origin and growth of Indian music. Few of them say, chanting of Vedic hymns gave birth to Indian music system. Few references of diverse set of instruments, like string, wind instruments, drums, cymbals etc have been found in Vedas. Though, many researches also express the possibility of existence of musical culture during Indus valley civilization. But, not much is known about Indus valley, so it can’t be confirmed. Though, this researches and legends greatly emphasize the magnitude of music in Indian culture. Music has always ruled the imagination of not only India but also surrounding regions of south Asia. India has a diverse set of music culture. From simple melodies and hill tribe songs to classical music, India has it all.


Many modern, historical and cultural researches have been conducted on the subject of Indian music. Indian music has developed within a very multifaceted interface between dissimilar peoples of dissimilar races and traditions. It does seem that the cultural diversity of modern day India has been greatly influenced by the rich musical heritage we have from the earliest of times.