The developments mentioned in the previous article made the world to sit and notice the beauty of Indian music. It also triggered a chain of many memorable associations between Indian and western musicians. Following the partnership with Beatles’, Pandit Ravi Shankar went ahead and forged a famous association with renowned musician Yehudi Menuhin. The duo produced many unforgettable east-west albums. He also worked with American discreet composer, Philip Glass, on a work called “Passages”. This work, just like his previous works was appreciated as well.  Pandit Ravi Shankar was truly a trailblazer. He literally triggered a chain of associations. He is undeniably one of the most well known non- Western musicians in the Western world. He also presented other Indian musicians an example. Famous Violinists L. Shankar and L. Subramaniam are also credited to work with western musicians and produce masterpieces. Because of the work of these eminent musicians, Indian classical music can reasonably be described as having carved a niche for itself in the universe of concert music.


In recent times, Indian-western music collaborations have become a common sight. Playback singers like Asha Bhosle worked with different rock bands of USA. Similarly one of the best talents to come out of India A R Rehman has earned great appreciation in the western world. The world has truly become an abode for Indian musicians.