So what is Folk music? Folk music is a bucolic manifestation of the huge Indian civilization. Indian Folk music possesses rich history. India has amazing variety of folk music. India has always been a land of tremendous cultural diversity. This cultural variety is at the root of infinite range of folk styles found in our land. Every region in India has its own peculiar style of folk music. Folk music has often been misconstrued as tribal music but both are quite different from each other. Tribal music represents vastly dissimilar cultures.  Many of these tribal cultures are a reminder of cultural situations as they were hundreds of years ago.


Talking about difference between folk and tribal music and classical music, folk and tribal music is not taught like the classical music. Classical music follows a detail education and practice whereas folk music is more of fun and casual thing. Classical music includes a proper period of apprenticeship. That explains why, those who learn classical music dedicate their whole life to learning the music. Folk music, being more of rustic thing, is a different story altogether. Rural conditions in India make it quite tough for students to devote their entire life to music. Those who practice folk music need to perform daily chores of life as well. Activities like agriculture or hunting and other such professions which give them bread and butter.