Instead of tabla, folk musicians use drums in their music. Basic drums which are not refined like dholak, daf or nal are commonly used in folk music.  The instruments normally used in folk music are Dotar, Ektar, Saringda, Santur and Rabab. Interestingly these instruments are even named differently depending upon local dialect.  Diversity is such that there are many instruments which are used only in particular folk styles in specific regions.  Most of these interesting instruments are made up of normally existing substances


Commonly used folk musical instruments are:-


Dhol – large barrel drum

Bansuri – bamboo flute

Dotar – simple lute

Kartal – wooden clappers

Chimpta – fire tongs

Dholki – barrel drum

Daf – frame drum

Ghungharu – small bells

Dholak – barrel drum

Ektar – simple lute

Gettuvadyam – hammered lute

Magadi Vina – bamboo lute

Ghatam – clay pot

Khol – clay drum

Murchang – jaw harp

Naggada – kettle drums

Nakula – bamboo lute

Rabab – lute

Santur – hammered dulcimer

Pung – drum

Gopichand – one stringed instrument

Pungi – snake charmer’s instrument

Pena – simple one string bowed instrument

Damaru – hourglass drum

Saringda – simple fiddle

Shankh – conch shell

Idakka and Udaku – hourglass drums

Thanthi Panai – pot drum