In India, film music is one of the most popular streams of music. In fact, in Indian context music is most frequently connected with film music. Music is an integral part of Indian movies. No Indian movie is without music barring few recent exceptions. Whether its Popular Hindi movies or Tamil or Telgu or any of the other Indian languages, songs are the soul of Indian movies. Indian movies are so full of music that Indian films are most often described and understood in the West as “musicals”, because they are rarely without songs. Other popular and known forms of music are Ghazals and Qawaalis.


Ghazals can be described as smooth and beautifully worded elegiac compositions that that adhere to poetic qualities. Ghazals usually have subjects like love, melancholy, loss, memory, and broken hearts etc. Ghazals are soft, smooth Meaningful classical compositions which tug at the heartstrings. Few of the famous Ghazal singers are Talat Mahmood, Mehndi Hassan, Ghulam Ali, Gagjit Singh to name a few. Qawaalis on the other hand also has love as the main theme but here it is more of divine nature. Here love represents, love of humankind for the divine, almighty, the superpower. Qawaalis have a tremendous fan following. One of the famous qawaali singer was Late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan who established a world-wide reputation.