The purists have often questioned the artistic quality of the Indian film songs. Though, we must accept they are immensely popular. Wherever we go in India we can hear these popular movies songs coming from loudspeakers in every function. Its biggest strength lies in the fact that it appeals to every genre and every age group.


 It all had started in 1930’s. Indian’s first speaking movie was “Alam ara” which conincidently also heralded the arrival of Indian film songs. A new musical genre had started to take place. Indian film songs started being major parts of movies right from the beginning of indian motion pictures. Even in first decade of Indian movies; 1930-40, every movie produced in that time frame had almost 10 songs on an average. In that duration regional movies were also released, mainly in Bengali and Tamil which had songs as well.


The famous music directors of that era were Anil Biswas, Pankaj Mullick, Keshavrao Bhole to name a few. These people can be called as trendsetters. The unique thing was the concept of playback singing was not there during the initial period of Indian cinema. The actors and actresses of that period sang their own songs. In fact, most of the actors like Baburao Pendharkar and Bal Gandharva etc were chosen because of their singing talents.