The new millennium saw a complete sea change in indian movie music scenario. New genres of songs got developed and they are quite popular. These new genres have their own loyal fan following. The new genres were fusion, pop music, remixes and hip-hop to name a few. Though the seeds of these genres were planted in 90s itself yet they bloomed completely in new millennium. Pop music was the new genre in 90s which caught the fancy of new generation of music afficianados who were looking for new changes. Some of the renowned singers in pop music genre who started this trend were Baba Sehgal, Alisha Chinai, Biddu, Mehnaz, Sweta Shetty amongst others. ‘Made in India’ was the first pop album blockbuster in India. It broke all previous records in album sales. Alisha Chinai became the new pop queen in India. New music directors and singers kept coming with new albums and public took them readily. Baba Sehgal with his unique mix of hindi and English also became popular with his album ‘Thanda Thanda Pani’.

This success of new genre gave rise to the culture of Punjabi and Bhangra songs. Daler Mehndi was the Bhangra king in 90s. Every song of his was a blockbuster. His songs were a beautiful mix of Bhangra and pop. This surely made Bhangra a pan India phenomenon. The success of new genres resulted in the not so well defined “filmi sangeet” because filmi sangeet had also started to incorporate new genres of music. This new phenomenon of alternative music coupled with new wave of India cinema has resulted in an interesting business and creative milieu.