Most famous Indian Bhajan singers are, Tulsidas, Mira Bai, Kabir and Surdas. Bhajans sung by these eminent singers were of supreme quality and they are still quite popular. They used high quality words or chants in their bhajans. Bhajans are all about love, whether it is love for god, love of woman’s love for man most aptly represented by Mirabai’s songs. Most popular bhajans were love of Radha for lord Krishna. It comes as no surprise that this Radha and Krishna devotional songs have been used in other forms of Indian arts as well. Bhakti songs represent direct communication with god through bhajans used in songs format. Bhajans never advocated use of any medium for interacting with god. It’s more of a soulful language representing devotion and dedication towards the grandeur of God.  


All these famous bhajan singers made mockery of religious institutions. They did not believe in use of religions while expressing their love towards god. Kabir never believed in his religion but his bhajans are equally liked by both Hindus and Muslims. When we look closely at lyrics used in bhajan, we will find that languages used in lyrics are mostly vernacular. On one hand this helped in popularizing bhajans and on the other hand it resulted into decreasing dependency on established languages. Many modern day classical singers like Bhimsen Joshi sang bhajans and helped in making them popular.