One of the most important rags of Hindustani sangeet is rag Yaman. Yaman is the primary rag in Kalyan. One of the first rags to be taught in musical classes, the origin of rag Yaman is not confirmed. Historians are divided about its origin. Some ascribe its origin to Persian tradition whereas some others find its roots in carnatic music. Rag Yaman is also known as Kalyani in classical carnatic music. In its essence it can be traced back to Greek era as well as Indian origins.


Rag Yaman has got very peaceful and serene effect. This rag is also associated with evening time. This rag is also related to Bilawal. Both of these are taught early in musical teaching. This rag is also suitable for harmonium playing because of the simple fact that it can be easily played by just using white keys on the instrument.


Famous songs based on this rag is ‘Aap ke anurodh pe main ye geet’, ‘Aaye ho meri zindagi mein’, ‘Abhi na jao chodke’, ‘Ansu bhari hai ye jivan ki rahe’, ’Ang ang rang jhalakae’, ’Ansu samajh ke kyu mujhe’, ‘Bada dukh dina tere lakhan ne’, ‘Bade bhole ho’, ‘Bhuli hui yadon’, ‘Chandan sa badan chanchal chitvan’, ‘Chuppa lo yun dil mein pyar mera’, ‘Dil diya dard liya’, ‘Dil-e-betab ko sine se’, ‘Dil job hi kahega manenge’ etc among others. The way this rag is popularly used, this is going to be a part of musical jounrney for a long time to come.