The violin is an integral part of Indian music. It’s a known fact that violin was relatively a late entry into south Indian classical music. Imported from western countries, violin started being an important part of South Indian classical music towards the end of the eighteenth century. Often, it’s played alongside Vina and other instruments as a secondary instrument. Violin was given a completely renewed respect in twentieth century. Several eminent performers have helped in making its popular and proved that Indians can play violin as good as any other musician in the world. Renowned violin performers are; T. N. Krishnan, and L. Subramaniam T. Rajam, L. Shankar, L. Vaidyanathan to name a few. Because of these maestros, violin has earned its deserved reputation as a South Indian solo instrument.


L. Subramaniam is credited to play violin with international musicians like, Yehudi Menuhin and Stephane Grappelli. In addition, he has played several orchestras with western musicians. L. Shankar has also collaborated with number of renowned western musicians and he was instrumental in inventing “double violin”. His performance with tabla maestro Zakir Hussain has earned many accolades


However, L. Subramaniam is more famous amongst the Indian violin players. He has conducted various shows including hugely successful ‘Fantasy on Vedic Chants’ performed at New York Philharmonic Orchestra alongside Zubin Mehta. His Global Symphony” performed at world famous Madison Square Garden in World Music Festival earned critical acclaim amongst global audiences. One of the lesser known fact about him is, he has also composed music for an Indian movie called ‘Salaam Bombay’ which was directed by Mira Nair.