K.L Saigal is known as one of the first superstars of film industry. He is credited to rule the industry long before people even heard of Dilip Kumar, Rajesh Khanna or Amitabh Bachchan. Young generation of India is not much aware of his achievements and contributions to Indian entertainment industry. But to the curious, he is still the biggest inspiration and undoubtedly India‘s first superstar. He was born in Jammu on April 11th, 1904. Not for nothing he inspired India’s other jewels like Kishore Kumar and Mukesh.  These legends initially imitated his style before creating their own signature tones. Mr. Saigal has given many hits and we can still find old generations humming his songs.


K.L Saigal started learning about music from a very young age. He was son of Amarchand Saigal and his mother used to take him to Sufi-Pir Salman Yousuf for music. His first song was a Meera Bhajan at the age of just twelve at the court of the king where his father used to work. Though, his father did not like his choice of singing as a career, K L Saigal still persisted with his choice. Since the age of 13, he vigorously practiced singing for three years and refined his voice. He was immensely helped by other great singers of that period like, Faiyaaz Khan, Pahari Sanyal and Pankaj Mullic. His determination can be gauged from the fact that, he never received any official training in singing and cultivated his own signature style which was greatly appreciated and accepted by one and all.