In the initial days, K. L Saigal worked as a time keeper with Punjab railways and thereafter as a salesman before carving his niche in the world of Indian music. One of his earlier recorded songs was “Jhulana Jhulao” in Dev Gandhar raga and it became a huge hit. Since then, there was no looking back for this great singer. He not only started singing but acting as well in Indian movies. Films like Subah Ke Sitare, Zinda Laash and Mohabbat Ke Aason announced his arrival whereas his initial songs hits were Premnagar Mein Basoongi Ghar Main, Tadapat Beeti Din Rain and Prem Ki Ho Jai etc. he had an enigmatic voice which completely managed to floor the audiences.


He was destiny’s chosen child. His moment of immortality came with movie ‘Devdas’ released in the year 1935. He not only performed the role of a heartbroken lover with perfection and ease but also rendered his melancholic voice to few immortal songs. He sung songs like Balam Aaye Baso and Dukh Ke Ab Din from the movie and became the darling of the masses. He perfected several forms of music including Bandish, Ghazals, Khayal, Geets, Bhajans, Hori and Dadra etc. He is also credited to sing in many languages including Urdu, Hindi, Pushto, Punjabi, Bengali and Tamil.


He gave many hit movies like Tansen, Bhakta Surdas, Kurukshetra, Omar Khayyam, Tadbeer, Shahjahan etc. his major hit songs are; Parwana, Jagmag, Rumjhum Rumjhum Chaal Tihari, Baag Laga Doon Sajani, Chah Barbaad Karegi, Ai Dil-e-beqarar Jhoom, Gham Diye Mustaqil and the famous Jab Dil Hi Toot Gaya. He died at the age of just 42 on January 18th, 1947. No doubt, he was the harbinger of golden period of Indian music.