In the year 1945, Begum Akhtar married barrister Ishtiaq Ahmed Abbasi. Begum Akhtar did not sing for almost five years due to family restrictions and responsibilities. In between, she fell victim to illness and despite all medication, no recovery was in sight. Ultimately, following her heart’s desires she returned to record at the Lucknow Radio station in the year 1949. She recorded a dadra and three Ghazals and a dadra. The result was almost magical. She started feeling better and after that recording she wept with joy. That shows her passion for singing. Afterwards, her public performances till her last breath.


She last acted in a movie named “Jalsa Ghar” made by peerless Satyajit Ray. She performed the role of a classical singer in the movie. She also sang for Madan Mohan, a famous music director to sing in two movies “Daana Paani” (1953) and “Ehsaan” (1954). These movies gave huge hits in that era. The songs “Hamein Dil Mein Basa Bhi Lo” and “Aye Ishq Mujhe Aur to Kuch Yaad” mesmerized one and all and she gained even more popularity. Because of her proficiency in Ghazals she was crowned as Mallika-e-Ghazal or the Queen of Ghazals. It’s a truth that, very few singers can match her style of singing. Her singing style was inimitable. To her credit, most of her compositions were self composed and were totally based on Ragas.


Begum Akhtar’s last performance was a concert in Ahmedabad. After that performance, her health started deteriorating. She took her last breath on on 30th October 1974, leaving many fans disappointed and heart broken.