Born on December 24th, 1924, Mohammad Rafi is one of the greatest musical talents ever produced by India. He was a numero uno in diverse style of music. One can find many melodious, religious, romantic and nostalgic songs sung in his divine voice. Every style of music was blessed by his voice. One still gets a goose bump while listening to classical songs of great hit Baiju Bawara. His songs were perfect blend of class, melody, style, energy and emotions. His contribution to bollywood is incomparable. Even to the date, he is extremely popular amongst old and young alike and that shows his true talent and timelessness.


He was born in a small place called Kotla Sultan Singh located near Amritsar in the then undivided Punjab. Born to Hajji Ali Mohammad, his nick name was “Pheeko”. Right from his childhood, he showed an inclination towards music. His family also supported him and sent him to learn nuances of music from great musicians of that era. He learned Hindustani classical music from great talents like Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan, Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Firoze Nizami and Pundit Jiwanlal Matto.


At a young age of 13, he gave his first public performance. His entry into annals of bollywood is credited to a chance encounter with musical legends like K.L. Saigal and composer Shyam Sundar. They identified his huge talent and invited him to Mumbai. Since then, he never looked back.