kishoreIndian music world would have been very poorer without the name of Kishore Kumar. A true genius, he gave numerous hits, still sung and hummed by new generations. This comes as no surprise to know that most of the remixed songs in new age have been actually sung by him. They say, imitation is best form of flattery and that way remixed songs are nothing but a great tribute to this legend. He was born on 4th august 1929 as Abhas Kumar Ganguly. His siblings Ashoke Kumar and Anoop Kumar have also managed to make their marks in entertainment industry. Kishore Kumar was a risk taker and multi-dimensional personality. How many personalities can claim to dabble in field as diverse as acting, singing, composing, directing, producing, script writing and lyrics writing? He did it all. A great maverick, he succeeded in whatever he attempted. He is one of the most enduring celebrities ever witnessed by Indian public. He was a great comedian. His films like Padosan, Chalti ka Naam Gaadi etc can not be forgotten in hurry.


Also known as Kishore Da, he was one of the few singers who dared to deviate from the norm and charted his own destiny. He took risks and experimented with different genres and in the process made himself immortal in the annals of Indian music industry. He was equally brilliant in expressing every emotions including, love, sadness, melancholy, romance, naughtiness, philosophical, Qawwali etc.