RD Burman is one name, every Indian with even a little interest in music, must have heard of. Born on 27 June 1939, RD as he was fondly known as was a renowned music composer. Infact, he stand right there along with greatest when it comes to sheer talent and brilliance. Son of legendary composer S D Burman, RD showed inclination for music right from very beginning. He was born genius whose contribution to Indian music is unparallel. He is credited to revolutionize Indian music through his sheer innovation and experimentation. He never shied from experiments. He brought latest musical techniques in bollywood and despite the early criticism, very few music composers can claim to get as much success and popularity as he did.


He entered into industry when several renowned musicians were already established. He broke the norms and used western tunes in his songs. He gave not only melodious hits but also romantic songs, sad songs and cabaret as well. His style and technique are part of bollywood folklores. Also known as Pancham da by industry people and friends, he learnt sarod lessons from Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and his first composition was ‘Aye meri topi palat ke aa’ at the age of nine. He started his career as assistant to his father and was part of total 331 films. He was also a singer with distinct voice. His major hits include, Amar prem, Buddha mil gaya, Caravan, 1942: A Love Story, Sholay, Shaan and several others. He had made a formidable combination with singer Kishore Kumar and actor Rajesh Khanna. His songs are still popular and even the most remixed songs of yesteryear belong to RD Burman. Truly a legend, he will always live in the heart of Indians.