All the Hindi ghazals lovers must have heard of famous Ghazal singer Chitra Singh. Married to Ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh, Chitra singh is a renowned Indian Urdu/Hindi ghazals singer. Together they have given wonderful duets and are considered as legends in modern ghazals singing. Born in a Bengali family, Chitra Singh never had any formal music training. Her family had music culture and she first learned the ropes by listening to others. Chitra Singh started her career in Mumbai by singing advertisement jingles for various products.

The meeting of these two famous singers took place during 1960s in Mumbai only when both Jagjit and Chitra singh were trying to make career in singing. They both sung jingles together. However, their struggle paid off when they launched top album, “The Unforgettables”. This album literally revolutionized Indian ghazals world. They sung in public and album became a huge hit. Interestingly, this album also changed the way ghazals were used to be sung. During those days, ghazals were performed in Mehfils.

Since then, it became an unforgettable journey for both of them. They released various ghazals albums and devotional albums as well. They even composed songs for Hindi, Punjabi and Bengali albums. Their Bengali and Punjabi albums were huge hits. Chitra singh stopped singing after the unfortunate demise of her young son. Some of her famous songs include “Yeh Tera Ghar, Yeh Mera Ghar”, “Tum Aao To Sahi”, “Woh Nahin Milta Mujhe”, “Saare Badan Ka Khoon”, and “Mitti Da Bawa”.

Some of her Albums include,

A Milestone (1976), The Unforgettables (1978), Gold Disc (1979), Ae mere dil (1980), Live in concert with Jagjit Chitra Singh, Live at Wembley, Desires, Chirag, The Latest (1982), Ecstasies (1984), A Sound Affair (1985) etc.