Composer-singer-actor Himesh Reshammiya is back with next venture ‘Kajraare’. The album has total 7 original songs and 4 remixes. The movie has been made by Bhatt Banners. Reshammiya’s last musical venture was ‘Radio’ that had done relatively ok but this time, the album promises far better reactions from audiences. The album begins with the title song ‘kajraare’ in typical Himesh style. The song has already created quite a buzz in the music circle. The track boasts of a wonderful rhythm. Himesh has been accompanied by Sunidhi Chauhan and it does manage to leave a lasting impression in your mind.

Next up is ‘Rabba luck barsa’ which has been wonderfully sung by Himesh. An enjoyable song, this one has simple lyrics but great visuals and musical effects. ‘Tujhe dekhake armaan jaage’ is the next track sung by Himesh in combination with Shreya Ghoshal. Terrific vocals and effective composition. You will find yourself humming this song.

These three songs are really good but thereafter the next four tracks are just the continuation of old Himesh. ‘Woh lamha phir se jina hai’ is quite an okay song but it will find it hard to stay long in listeners’ minds. ‘Teriya Meriya’ is more in a classical mould.

‘Sanu guzara zamana’ boasts of a nice rhythmic combination and musical instruments. ‘Afreen’ is a good treat for those who love slow music. This one has a ghazal-ish feel. Kajraare, Rabba luck barsa, Woh lamha phir se jeena hai and Sanu guzara zamana have remixed versions but nothing striking about them. All in all, Kajraare will be remembered for few songs but not for all of them.