Indian music and hence musical instruments of the Indian subcontinent have gradually evolved from their original versions as a result of the interaction of Indian people with people from other cultures. All musical instruments Indian or otherwise have their own unique history attached to them. For example it would be true to say that most folk music has employed some kind of rhythmic drum beat and while hind songs are still popular the drums may have been altered to get a different and perhaps unique sound. Still, in India, because of many avid fans of classical streams of music, Indian manufacturer of musical instruments do still cater to this sector by manufacturing ancient musical instruments even today. In the Indian consumer market, the list of musical instruments for sale would therefore still include a list of popular age-old instruments like the sitar which is believed to be the predecessor of the modern-day guitar, the tabla, the sarod, the shehenai and many more.

One can also get a hold of an array of wholesale musical instruments India. Such wholesale schemes allow the consumer to avail of the economies of scale. This is especially true in the case of rare, old musical instruments as these can be costly to produce just to cater to a small demand.

Musical instruments manufacturing stores in India also make quality, western musical instruments. The list of instruments that are manufactures within the Indian sub-continent would now include a variety of percussion instruments, musical devices, electronic musical gadgets and instruments, electronic versions of ancient musical instruments lie the tabla, tanpura, dholak, flute, sarangi, etc, a huge range of wind instruments and many more.