Jagjit Singh

His first shot at stardom came up with his first album named “The Unforgettables”. This album helped him in getting recognized. The album was made up of some beautiful semi-classical Ghazals collection with an inherent element of melody. He was definitely a fresh voice and his efforts did not go unrecognized. The album was a big hit which was subsequently followed by numerous top albums. During his struggle phase he met another singer Chitra and they married. Both worked together in hit albums like A Sound Affair, Ecstasies and Passions etc. they were quite popular and worked in perfect sync. Jagjit singh is also known to experiment in his albums, the prime example of which is his album ‘Beyond Time’. Various mixes of music and sound were brought together in this beautiful album and audiences accepted them wholeheartedly.


Jagjit singh continued to sing even after a huge personal loss of his young son. However, chitra singh quit singing after album ‘Someone Somewhere’. Jagjit singh thereafter gave many soul-stirring songs in his albums like, In Search, Mirage, Kahkashan, Hope, Visions, Love is Blind, Chirag etc.  He has firmly established himself as the top most Ghazal singer of the country. He is also credited to sing many Punjabi songs. He has also made a album called ‘Sajda’ with incomparable Lata Mangeshkar.


He is an artist with huge talent which is suitably demonstrated in film songs he has sung. Films like Premgeet, Arth, Saath Saath, Sarfarosh, Tum Bin, Tarkeeb etc are also known for his beautiful songs. As a proof of his multi-faceted talent, he has also sung many devotional songs.


Jagjit Singh. The name rings a bell, right? One of the foremost Ghazal singers of the modern times, he is renowned for his numerous melancholic and romantic Ghazals. Born to Sardar Amar Singh Dhiman (a Government official) and Sardarni Bachchan Kaur, he has earned accolades for helping the survival of Ghazals in the era of pop and rock. Gagjit singh was born in Ganganagar in state of Rajasthan on 8th February, 1941.  also known as ‘Jeet’ by his family, he is undoubtedly the most popular Ghazal singer currently.


Interestingly, he was a student of science during his higher secondary days. Later on he moved to arts stream during bachelors. But his interest in music saw him learning classical music from Pundit Chaganlal Sharma. He learned difrent classical forms like Thumri, Khayal and Dhrupad among others. His passion for music brought him to Mumbai. In fact, he was also supported in this decision by his father who was more than happy to his progress in this field. The year was 1965, when he arrived in dream city of Mumbai in search of success and fame. But then, like any other famous personality he also struggled in his initial days. New assignments were difficult to come by because of who’s who presence in Ghazal arena. That era was dominated by renowned personalities like Malika Pukhraj, Talat Mahmood, Noor Jehan, Begun Akhtar and incomparable Mehdi Hassan.  His initial assignments were basically performing at wedding functions and singing jingles for advertisements.